"The Boat"

A gentle mountain that rises above the Yampa Valley

it will always be my favorite area, over France, Utah and Cali.

Groves of spaced aspens and powerful pines

the tree skiing is the best in the world and seemingly all mine.

I know the stashes that this powder-hungry mountain holds,

locals protect their pow, making outsiders lucky if they are told.

Surprising steep as you enter Fish Creek

this is the dankest turnin' out of any peak.

Powder days bless Mt. Werner nearly every night

leaving powder junkies in a

state of complete delight.

Ghost trees hide as you

rount the top,

their clean white appearance

will make you stop.

For those who love the fluff,

head for The Boat expecting to get enough.

Phat airs are littered throughout the terrain

making a pitch with pow completely insane!

I can't get enough of carvin' at this place,

I'd take a day here over a walk in space.


Justin DeSorrento

February 5, 1977 - July 17, 1997