About Justin

Every so often, we are privileged to know a man who is destined to rise above his peers. His marks of distinction are observed from an early age, and his accomplishments are many and varied as he settles into a routine of excellence. Justin Andrew DeSorrento was a highly skilled athlete, accomplished photographer and excellent writer and poet. He began skiing at age two in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and soon grew to know every inch of the back country cliffs and double black diamond trails. Justin's love of soccer earned him two All-State awards and the opportunity to compete against teams in Japan, Mongolia, China and many countries in Europe. Justin was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, while he also expressed his deeply held feelings in thoughtful poetry and striking photographs. He was quiet, strong and modest. While he didn't seek the spotlight, he often found himself there by his accomplishments. He was competitive and unrelentingly committed. He was a gentleman. Justin always had a ready, handsome smile, an eager hand to help and a quiet word of encouragement for others. Justin Andrew DeSorrento was born on February 5, 1977 in Aurora, Colorado. He was very proud to be a Colorado native! When Justin was 3 years old, he and his family moved to Barrington Hills, IL. In Barrington, Justin and his older sister, Suraya, enjoyed a wonderful childhood full of friends and good times. After 8 years in Illinois, the family moved back to Colorado. It was at this time that Justin began to realize his love for the outdoors. While continuing to pursue his passion for playing soccer, Justin also began to focus on other extreme sports like mountain biking and skiing. Having skied for the first time at the age of two, Justin was truly a natural...and he was fearless! Justin emerged as a natural leader among his friends. People admired Justin's athletic talents, but even more importantly, they admired his easy going, funny, patient manner. Justin was an extraordinary young man.

Not only did he excel in sports and do well in school, but he also had a quiet, creative side. Justin was a writer, a poet and a photographer.  His love of the outdoors provided a great canvas for his art, while at the same time enforcing his passion for the environment. In college, Justin decided quickly that he would major in Natural Resources and dedicate his life to the proper use and preservation of the environment.

Justin was close to his family and enjoyed the many vacations they took together. While he had the opportunity to travel around the world, Justin's heart was and will always be in Colorado. At the time of his death, Justin was planning to continue his studies at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Justin's sudden passing continues to weigh on his family, but through the work of The DeSo Foundation, Justin's memory and spirit will always live on.